About the Micah 6 Project

The Micah 6 Project provides social and practical support and encouragement to individuals during their transition out of homelessness. The program provides individuals with case management and volunteer advocacy for 6 to 12 months after moving into their new home. Services include assistance with practical needs (like obtaining furniture), reaching goals, growing skills, and making community connections. Mentors provide friendship and companionship.  

Moving into housing is a huge accomplishment worth celebrating! Yet, it is also a significant transition. The transition is often lonely because many people move to new neighborhoods, away from the community they know. Individuals must adjust to an unfamiliar lifestyle and develop new life skills, often without a support system. The Micah 6 project aims to provide individuals with practical support and lots of encouragement to help make the transition to housing smooth and successful. 

Micah 6 Project History

The Micah 6 Project began when Arundel House of Hope staff noticed newly rehoused individuals needed more support adjusting to their surroundings, growing their social support system, and improving life skills: especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Seeing the need, the Micah 6 Project was developed and launched in 2022.

Assist the Micah 6 Project!

There are several ways you or your organization can help the Micah 6 Project.


Groups and individuals can donate items to help individuals settle into their new homes. Practical needs include kitchen starter sets, cleaning kits, and pantry staples. If you want to donate items, please get in touch with Niki O’Herlih at noherlihy@arundelhoh.org to learn about current needs.

Be a Mentor

Volunteers are paired up with a mentee who is newly housed. Volunteers can be individuals, a couple, or several friends working together. In collaboration with a case manager, mentees and volunteers develop specific goals to work on together. Volunteers meet with their mentees several times monthly to help them navigate their new world and reach their goals. The case manager is always available to assist, support, and provide resources to volunteers. Volunteers are not expected to, and should not, provide financial support to their mentees. The time commitment for volunteers tapers off over several months as their mentee reaches their goals and adjusts to their new lifestyle. 

Contact Us

Mentoring and assisting a Micah 6 Project client is an awarding experience! If you are interested in volunteering for the Micah 6 project or would like more information, email the coordinator, Niki O’Herlihy, at noherlihy@arundelhoh.org or call 410-863-4888.

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