About the Resource and Day Center

The Resource and Day Center provides daily support services and information to people experiencing homelessness or who are at risk of homelessness.

Services and Assistance

The Center offers the following services and assistance:

  • Daytime shelter from the elements 
  • Coffee, snacks, and bagged lunches 
  • Sanitary services (restroom, showers, shaving, and laundry facilities) 
  • Professional services (mail, phone, and internet use) 
  • Access to clothing and other necessities 
  • Case management for anyone who requests it. 
  • Referrals to other services and agencies   
  • Companionship and friendship 

The Resource and Day Center staff strive to get to know guests, learn their stories, and provide quality services to anyone in need.

History of the Day and Resource Center

The center opened in Northern Anne Arundel County in June of 2006. Author Jason Strecker provides the following except about from his book about the Resource and Day Center:

“In 2005, the Arundel House of Hope Board of Directors pitched an idea of a day center through local church grants. Alice Neary, a Ferndale United Methodist Church member and a site coordinator for the Winter Relief church turned Phil Bailey, Mario Berninzoni and the board on to a friend of a rental agency in Glen Burnie. That person convinced the rental agent to allow space for the Arundel House of Hope Resource and Day Center. Soon, case management started at the center to fill the needs such as housing, IDs, Social Security cards, birth certificates, and social service benefits, along with partnering with a crisis unit for those experiencing homelessness.”      

Visit the Day and Resource Center

The center is open to anyone, and all are welcome. There are no restrictions or criteria on who can use the center. It is open to men, women, and children. We ask anyone who comes to the center to complete an intake package. 

Visit Find Us for our location and hours

For more information about the Resource and Day Center, email the Center Director, Charity Cummings at ccummings@arundelhoh.org or call 443-714-4049 or 410-863-4888 

7164 East Furnace Branch Rd.

Suite A

Glen Burnie, Md 21060