About WISH

Women in Safe Haven (WISH) is a permanent supportive housing program for women who are disabled and chronically homeless. WISH follows Housing First philosophy, which prioritizes permanent housing as the first step in addressing chronic homelessness, gaining self-sufficiency, working towards goals, and improving the quality of life. WISH provides a supportive and nurturing environment where women experiencing homelessness can work on addressing their most pressing issues, leading to increased self-sufficiency and independence. Residents work with a case manager and resident manager and receive support, assistance, and resources to help them reach their goals and remain stably housed. 

The WISH program has two single-family homes and serves up to ten individuals.

WISH History

The WISH program opened its first home in 2008. It was the first permanent supportive housing program for adult women who were chronically homeless in Anne Arundel County. The first house, WISH I, located in Brooklyn Park, serves up to six clients and was made possible by the generous financial support of our member organizations. In 2011, the program opened a second single-family home, WISH II, in Glen Burnie. WISH II serves up to four clients. 

Interested in Joining the WISH Program?

Potential WISH residents must be chronically homeless and have a documented physical or mental health disability. They must have income through either employment or government benefits. Additionally, potential clients must be able to live independently, be willing to live in a shared space, and get along with housemates. Referrals for the program typically come from the Winter Relief Program, the Resource and Day Center, and the Department of Social Services. Please read the WISH Program Application to learn more about the requirements and program goals.   

To learn more about the program or to apply, please email info@arundelhoh.org and indicate interest in WISH or call 410-863-4888.

7164 East Furnace Branch Rd.

Suite A

Glen Burnie, Md 21060