Supporter Corner

by Jason Strecker

Hello everyone, my name is Jason and I was a volunteer and also staff member of Arundel House of HOPE in the early 2000s. I describe my time with AHOH as “magical” and the men and women staff members, volunteers, clients and guests have helped change my life forever. I am a current day supporter of AHOH and have also been a volunteer with HOPE For All and St. Philip Neri Church, which are two of AHOH’s long term support groups.

My passion lies not just in helping others but in writing to tell the stories of those so important to the homeless resource field. I am grateful to AHOH’s Community Engagement Associate Dawn Baskin for her friendship and for supporting me to be a part of the new AHOH newsletter. I look forward to bringing readers an exciting column each month, which will help showcase the amazing service of those such as AHOH Winter Relief host site church members, AHOH support groups, staff, volunteers and also guests who have gone on to become volunteers themselves.

I know the journey of my life and the journey of the lives of many I know would not be complete without the support of Arundel House of Hope. I look forward to readers getting to know more about this.


Jason Strecker

Two men. One is young and other is older. The younger man has his arm wrapped around the older man's shoulders
Jason with Arundel House of Hope Day Center/Winter Relief Program Director Phil Bailey (2006-2012). Phil’s mentorship has led Jason into a long-term passion of helping others.


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